Alexander Wallis

Alexander Wallis is a Loughborough University Graduate 2014. Recently exhibiting the works ‘Green Pleasure / /2014’ at Loughborough University and ‘Big Brother / / Little Brother’ at Two Queens Art Gallery. Alex, is currently a candidate for the EM14 graduate residency at Surface Gallery Nottingham and looks to develop his practice further, continuing his soft sculpture work. His practice focuses on the multi-sensory experience seeking to disrupt the social conventions of a traditional gallery by exploring the communication between spectator and sculpture through tactility and movement.


‘Gaudi’s Dream’ is a multi-sculpture installation that is inspired by the free form architecture and mosaic work of Antoni Gaudi. Taking inspiration from the Sagrada Familia and Gaudi Park in Barcelona, Spain, Gaudi’s mosaic pattern is expressed through the hand dyed latex on these soft sculptures. ‘Gaudi’s Dream’ furthermore, investigates the notions of movement within and around space, while exploring the communication between spectator and sculpture. Working together interpersonally, spectators navigate around the space in relation to the work and are given the freedom to make conscious choices through participation. Can I move here? Do I touch? 


National Biennale: Leicester 2014

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