Alex Pain

My sculptures deal primarily with the relationship between form and material. Everyone has a subconscious knowledge of materials; how they act and respond to the elements, how they activate human senses and, although inanimate, how they react to each other. The objects acknowledge their ingredients in the associations of time, rigidity, porous-ness, corrosion, flaccidity, reflection and density and are encapsulated in neat references to modernist/minimalist sculpture and architecture.

My intention of forcing together surfaces in forms that exaggerate their properties is to give them an efficacy, upturning the natural order of materials to induce a feeling towards them. Their purpose is to stimulate an aesthetic pleasure. The careful selection of my palette ensures that my sculptures are ornate in their materials but not decadent in their application; simple forms are useful in emphasising my intention.


National Biennale: WEYA 2012

Oliver WoodA1