Aleksandra Cicha

Aleksandra graduated with a distinction from bartlett school of architecture. In the past 8 years she has collected various professional experience, from interior design, architecture, urban design, interactive installations to fashion, wearable technologies and film production. She explores architecture through the media of film, photography and product design.

Her design work begins with scientific fact and, informed by everyday social observation, is elaborated in the author’s imagination. In this way the city becomes the lab. As a site it investigates an already existing space, tailoring into it speculative science based fictions.


Artist's work derives from recent biotechnological development and an in-depth research. It superimposes these facts onto society and culture of consumerism in order to challenge, provoke and speculate on the effects of this specific scientific research on our every day life, social interaction and social behaviour.

It often uses question " What if…?" as well as form of absurd and exaggeration to create in audience imagination, new, sci- fi relation between city and human beings, mediated by uncovered, through fictional technological devices, personal bio-data and stored on- line, personal information.

As a media artists explores the aforementioned stories through product design, film and photography in order to create fictional but possible scenarios.


National Biennale: Leicester 2014

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