Aimee Betts

Intricate hand embroidery techniques lie at the centre of my practice allowing me to create elaborate statement accessories alongside compact embellishment onto cloth. Inspired by Iron Age torcs and unearthed jewellery hoards such as those seen at the British Museum, I have utilised traditional embroidery techniques such as goldwork and juxtaposed them alongside more industrial materials to create three dimensional wearable pieces. The bold, uncompromising use of gold and the remarkable weight of the torcs appealed endlessly to my tactile sensibilities.


The Adorned Woman collection creates a stimulating juxtaposition between metallic elements and chalky matt tones inspired by the colours of chemical patination experiments. Where possible I aim to create my own components for embroidery, as I become increasingly dissatisfied and frustrated with ready made materials. By opting to use knitting machinery in order to develop by own cords or by using lazer cutting technology to create my own embellishments, I am able to develop pieces that are almost entirely designed and made by hand.


National Biennale: WEYA 2012

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