Alison Stolwood

I am interested in the blurred distinctions between natural and artificial and with highlighting, through camera technologies, notions of time, change and a perception of things in the world. My work highlights a relationship between habitat and inhabitants and considers how much we control the spaces around us changing and developing the landscape in a process of social and technological succession.

My work develops on a notion of a political landscape. I construct and isolate with the lens, building up a work in montage or multiple frames. My aim is to study through visual mechanisms a surrounding of infinite complexity. I like to show a small isolated part of this complexity to help think about the relatively impossibility of understanding the whole, using the lens as an aid to observation as well as a tool for manipulation, power and control.

My work is a study of life, succession and entropy through a constructed and technological landscape.


National Biennale: WEYA 2012

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