Cans of beer

Susannah Stark

visual art

Susannah Stark’s work is an ongoing investigation into printmaking as a mode of knowledge production, formed by the historical and conceptual legacies of the printmaking process: dependency on procedure and repetition; ties to literature and to craft; use as a tool for dissemination, both politically and commercially. Stark uses print as a poetic tool; drawing connections between a historic ‘moment’ and the naming of things, building an alchemical lexicon of forms. Recent exhibitions Bricolage Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2014, Hydrapangaea Glasgow Botanic Gardens, Global Seacourt Print Workshop. Stark is currently studying Printmaking at the Royal College of Art.


The Early Water Shapes, and then What Happens?

This ensemble is constructed from a variety of print and relief media, including a combination of new and traditional etching techniques. The individual works are concerned with linking human processes, extracts of language, architecture and identity to natural phenomena, alluding to the ethos of an idealised 'bygone' time by incorporating and alluding to artefacts and signage that symbolize utopian aspirations of connecting the natural and the man-made.

The works are highly visual yet create intrigue through their cryptic quality.


National Biennale: Leicester 2014