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Patrick Simkins

visual art

Patrick Simkins is a painter and interactive performance artist. Born in Surrey, 1986, he works in both London and Paris.
His work studies the way we interpret one another. Paintings present mythical interpretations of our lives. Collaged Heads explore the imaginary statuses we project onto others. And his interactive performances bring people together to address how human interaction is changing. Patrick is a painter and interactive performance artist. He is interested in the ways we interpret one another. At the UKYA festival, he is asking you to tear his work apart! To break down and reconstruct his artwork however you like!


Three Heads: Interactive Performance

Simkins' Collaged Heads explore the imaginary statuses that we project onto others. Made from cut and frayed canvas, they are able to accentuate both the subject’s godliness and fragility at the same time. During his interactive performances, Simkins brings people together to understand how human interaction is changing. He manages to place the public within the concept itself.
The work identifies how an individual can go from hero to zero in a matter of days, as well as the role that society plays in advancing both sides of the coin. Issues of morality, celebrity and human fragility are all raised. Including the hypothesis that greatness is ultimately flawed.


National Biennale: Derby 2016