Artist Announcement - UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

UKYA City Takeover comes to Nottingham, 7 - 13 February 2019! It will span the city, immersing visitors in an array of extraordinary, innovative and contemporary work. A key moment in the 2019 calendar, and one of the largest showcases of inter/national artists, UKYA City Takeover promises to be exciting, discerning and unique. 

Uniting over 250 artists working across disciplines of visual arts; applied arts; music; performance; digital arts; literature; moving image - accommodating a global discussion and survey show of art being made today across the United Kingdom alongside artists from China, South Korea, Europe and the Mediterranean. We are delighted to publish the list of selected artists for UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019:

Juliet E P Gibbs
Jung Mee Choi
Ka Ki Wong
Kate Frances Lingard & Rebecca Gill
Katie Gill
Katie McGuire
Kelly Feng
Kent UniSlam Poetry Team
Kerry Tenbey
Konstanina Skalionta
La Minima
Laurie Ramsell
Lena Peters
Liryc Dela Cruz
Liza Mortimer
Lois Hopwood
Lorenza Demata
Luca Arboccò
Lucie Blissett
Luisa Turuani
Marco Tagliafico
Maria Popova
Marija Sukovic
Materia Critica (Maria Naomi Galavotti)
Matt Greenwood
Max Limbu
Megan Visser
Melissa Beardmore
Micky Dickson
Monica Tolia
Morgan Dowdall
Natasha Sabatini
Near Miss Company
Nika Kupyrova
Oberon White
Oliver Doe
Panayioitis Doukanaris
Pedro García Martínez
Piergiorgio Del Ben
Radage & Hardaker
Rebecca Perry
Rey Lobo
Roma Havers
Ronan Somerville
Ronja Elvenes
Rory Strudwick
Ross Little
Ruth Spencer Jolly
Ryan Heath
Sabi Nicholson
Sam Baker
Sam Schmitt
Samuel Åhlman
Sarah Cunningham
Scuffed Shoes Theatre
Seungtae Lee
Shaun Hill
Simone Longo
Sonia Marpez
SooIn Ahn
Sophie Gogl
Spoken Movement
Sun Young Hwang
Tabitha Carver
Tamara Šenekar
Tate n Lyle and Fionn Duffy
Tatiana Altini
The Critical Collective
The Fine Art Rascal
The Middleton Corpus
Thodoris Trampas
Thomas Franzoni
Tiffany Slowik
Tilly Shiner
Valle Comba
Victoria-Melita Zammit
Vikesh Govind
Vittorio Campanella & Emanuele Piras
What Is Written Dance Company
Wilderness Hymnal
Wingshan Smith
Won Hee Nam
Yewon Lee
Yu-Hsien Wu
Yun Jung Lee
Zala Zagoršek
Zi Won Wang

Plus special performances from UKYA Alumni, Michael Pinchbeck and Bill Balaskas

Abigail Haywood
Abigail Johnson
Ahmed Mohsen Mansour
Alasdair Ambrose
Aleksandar Vujović
Ali Zreik
Amba Sayal-Bennett & Ralph Hunter-Menzies
Amber Drew Sparrey
Amelia Seren Roberts
Andy Boot
Agnes Arsaelsdottir
Anna Costanza Tassotto Verdi
Anna Manfield
Anna Peake
Ant Lightfoot
Anya Hassett & Martha Scott
Arit Etukudo
Asthmatic Harp
Balbina Bochuzynska
Benjamin Jones
Bernard Buff
Beth Wise
Bethany Stafford
Bianca Hisse
Bohyeon Kim
Camille Cristel
Charlie Birtles
Charlie Wardle
Chaz Howkins
Chiara Giardi
Chifa Khelfaoui
Chloë Laycock
Chris Hawkes
Christopher Mear
Christopher Preece
Colette Griffin
Connor Macleod
Courtney Conrad
Daisy James
Dan Price
Danielle Alakija
Danni Spooner & Carise Zangerle Murray
Davor Golubović
Demi Overton
Didem Erbas
Dimitris Chimonas & Enacttheatre
Dizzy Ink
Dohyun Baek
Douglas Savage
Emily Simpson & Jade Blood
Emily Stollery
Erika Cucchiara
Eun Woo Lee
Fabio Ranzolin
Filippo Gualazzi
Frances Bacon Project
Francesca Blakeman
Gaëtan Trovato
Garam Hong
George Chinnery
Geunyoung Kim
Giacomo Gerboni
Grace Peckett
Grace Stones
Grace Tower
Gwenllian Spink
Habib Hajallie
Haley Craw
Hannah Fletcher
Hannah Parikh
Hannah-Joy Spencer
Henry Bradley
Herfa Thompson
Hollie Page
Hyejoo Moon
Ife Grillo
In The Works
Iolanda Di Bonaventura
Isobel Adderley
Jack Edwards
Jake Walker
Jake Walker
James D. Hopkins
Jasmine Brown
Jenny McNamara
Jernej Čuček Gerbec
Jim Adams
Jodie Wingham
Joe McAlister
Jordon the Ego
Josh Leach

The identity; economy; place and the obliqueness of things that we encounter whether political; social; artistic, run through the City Takeover. Showing the expansive yet combined intelligence of a generation of artists seeking to respond, react and re-imagine for the future.

There is a wealth of technical skill; personal and altruistic displays of adversity and ambition as well as a playfulness; subtle activism and ongoing desire to remain investigative and experimental in how we use our environments.


Here's a little taster of some of the excellent work being presented at UKYA City Takeover:

Laura Evans