Displacement and Place-making: Cross Border Residency

Image: Louise Orwin

Image: Louise Orwin


UK Young Artists and Studio XX, Montreal are embarking on a co-operative international residency with two female artists, Natacha Clitandre from Canada and Louise Orwin from the UK. Each of the artists will spend two weeks in residence in Quebec and Nottingham, during which time they will collaborate on a new project to challenge their ways of working and thinking. The project begins in Montreal in April 2018, when Louise will travel to Canada. The reciprocal exchange will take place in February 2019 in Nottingham. Louise and Natacha will continue to collaborate using digital platforms and new media in the time between their physical meetings. Over the year- long activity we will follow the progress of the co-operation project, learning and shaping by using both ‘live streaming’ events to invited audiences in the UK and Quebec and digital catch up sessions for the artists and partners. The residences “in country” will also run artist talks and workshops.

UKYA is keen to explore new ways of working for our artists across the globe. We value the importance that intercultural dialogue brings and how this promotes deeper understanding between people and countries. We are excited about working with Studio XX and using this platform to develop new partnerships and open up our networks for the organisation and our UKYA artists.



Louise Orwin’s project CRY CRY KILL KILL explores the commodification and proliferation of tropes of female hysteria. Taking as its starting point the cliché of the tragic heroine which is so prolific in pop culture, the project interrogates what the repetition and reproduction of this kind of imagery might say about the culture we live in, and wonders whether embracing this image can ever be empowering or whether there’s a way of looking beyond it. This workshop is part of the initial stages of the project which begin by investigating spaces for the outpouring of female emotion by looking at the voice and the body.

The CRY CRY KILL KILL workshop will introduce participants to Louise’s practice, and working methodologies,  looking specifically at conceptions of female emotion in pop culture, and representations of gender and socio-political ideologies. Through written and practical exercises such as performative wailing/singing, durational crying, and the use of video and sound manipulation, they will be encouraged to experiment and play to investigate performative trope and archetype. They will look more specifically at how emotion is portrayed and gendered through the voice and the body. The focus is on experimentation and exploration rather than a specific outcome. No prior experience is required.


In an attempt to understand the city's idiosyncratic characteristics, I wander in districts undergoing a gentrification process. Then, aiming to fathom the resilience of their residents, I look for participatory urbanism initiatives such as community gardens, ephemeral playgrounds or improvised places of worship. Inspired by Michel Foucault's concept of heterotopia, I'm interested in how people nurture their sense of belonging and define new codes of interaction by turning empty lots or post-industrial areas into unlikely places of exchange promoting social cohesion. As I visit those locations, I take photographs and note ephemeral details such as particular smells, ambient sounds and the languages I hear. I also focus on my own experience by describing the general atmosphere, the interactions that I witness between locals and subjectively, my appreciation of the situation.  This data is afterwards, embedded in a web-based interactive app mapping my experience. According to the exhibition context available, this app is accessible through a media device incorporated in an installation evoking stream of consciousness. 

So as part of a collaboration with UKYA, Natacha proposes to create an iteration taking place in Nottingham, connecting to a wider place-making project which will be running alongside the UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019.



Founded in 1996, Studio XX is a bilingual feminist artist-run centre for technological exploration, creation and critical reflection. XX supports independent media arts production and offers a platform for a multiplicity of territories, voices and creative actions by artists who identify as women, trans or dissident in the contemporary technological landscape. Demystifying, providing access, equipping, questioning and creating, these are the aims of Studio XX. We actively participate in the development of a digital democracy that encourages autonomy and collaboration.


Natacha will be based in the East Midlands, specifically at Primary, Nottingham. She will be hosted by Primary who will offer her a space to work and opportunities to connect and network with artists. Primary is an artist-led space that exists to support creative research and to develop new ways of engaging audiences. Offering dedicated artists’ studios alongside more flexible spaces, both within and outside the building, where artists from around the world can meet and work in the heart of Nottingham


Creative agitators working with interesting minds

UK Young Artists champions the next generation of creativity, supporting collaboration and intercultural dialogue, ensuring a vibrant and diverse creative future for the UK. We develop artists’ practice through cross art form opportunities and celebrate creativity at national & international biennales.

Founded in 2008, UK Young Artists is registered charity funded and supported by Arts Council England, De Montfort, Derby and Nottingham Trent Universities. UKYA was selected to join Arts Council England’s National Portfolio for 2018-2022.


This project is supported by Arts Council England through Grants for the Arts.

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