Metal Detectives (2017). Image: James Wray

Metal Detectives (2017). Image: James Wray

Congratulations to Elena Brake, who participated in UKYA Derby 2016 on being selected for Plymouth Platform 2018! Plymouth Platform 2018 is a mentoring scheme initiated by Visual Arts Plymouth that seeks to support the development of early career artists, creative practitioners and arts professionals (this may include teachers / researchers / curators) whilst simultaneously developing the mentoring skills of more established artists and professionals in the region. 

Elena is a Plymouth-based artist working with performance and audience participation to reimagine and enchant everyday experiences. She plays on the edge of boredom and anticipation by focusing obsessively on mundane details until they become magical. Her pieces direct the attention of the audience onto unexpected moments, stirring complicated emotional responses.

Her practice captivates through its blunt simplicity and accessibility. The playful moments of pause offered by her work allow the viewer a chance to savour small moments of enlightenment in the ordinary, revealing the magic of domestic and public experience.

I regularly look back at my involvement with UK Young Artists in November 2016, as a pivotal moment for my art career.  Having just graduated from university it was the event that helped me to maintain my momentum, and it taught me so much about the importance of networking at events like that. I now have a close friendship with Alan Baker, who exhibited my work in 2 shows he organised last year, and have benefitted hugely from the network of support from other emerging young artists who are also UKYA alumni.

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