UKYA National Festival: Derby 2016 - Marketing & Press Info

If you are part of a group that is presenting work at the festival this form only needs to be completed once on behalf of the whole group.

Please complete and submit this form before Friday 12 August 2016. If you have any problems, email Please note that you cannot save and return to this form, so you may wish to write the longer answers (biography and description of work) in a word document and copy and paste.

Name *
The name that was provided on your application.
Section 1
This is the name that will be assigned to your work at the festival and used within publicity materials.
This will be used in full or in part within printed publicity materials and on the UK Young Artists website. It will also form part of the content of press releases sent out about the festival. Therefore you should be happy for the information you provide to be made public. (max 100 words, written in third person):
(artist, gallery, private collector, other)
Shown before? *
This will be used in promotional materials so please think of the audience when you write it and try to answer the following questions: What is the work? E.g. painting, ceramics, film, performance. What is the work about? How might people feel when they’ve seen your work, i.e. is it uplifting, thought-provoking, funny? What’s involved in them accessing the work? Any other information you think is relevant? (maximum 100 words)
We require print quality images for use in festival publicity materials and for distribution to press. Please include the following: Max. of five images for promotional purposes as: Maximum file size: 3MB/ Permitted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg/ Images must be larger than 1000x550 pixels/ Images must be print quality – i.e. 300dpi/ All images must be free of rights for reproduction and publicity purposes. Please provide a Dropbox link to these, ensuring that we have the necessary permissions to access it, and that you have provided the public, sharable link, NOT copied the link from your web browser.
It is useful for promotional purposes to have high quality video of your work, such as trailers or short snippets of film. If you have video such as this, please supply it. If you are supplying video, please ensure that the resolution is no less than 720x480p, and clips are no longer than 3 minutes in duration. Please provide a link to a Dropbox folder containing the video file, or a Vimeo page (ensure your settings allow for downloading). Please do not provide a YouTube link.
Please note that UK Young Artists reserves the right to edit your description, imagery and video to comply with our marketing requirements. E.g. cropping an image to a particular shape for use in the brochure, or clipping your video for use in a larger trailer. Please confirm that you accept this by typing 'yes' in the box
We will be using social networks to promote the festival and specific elements within the festival programme. Please provide details of any online and social networking presence you have below (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Vimeo)
If you have a website, please provide the link here

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Twitter: @ukyoungartists

We have a dedicated festival hashtag #UKYA16 – please use it when you can!


Instagram: @uk.youngartists