Image by Wingshan Smith

Image by Wingshan Smith

We're very excited to announce the results of the selection of UK and international artists participating in the multidisciplinary residency "WORK IN COMMON” at Primary in Nottingham, organised in partnership by BJCEM and UK Young Artists.

The selected artists are the following:

Angeli Bhose (U.K.)
George Chinnery (U.K.)
Hyeji Woo (U.K.)
Marwa Benhalim (Egypt)
Nicolas Vamvouklis (Greece)
Sam Baker (U.K.)
Tom Verity (U.K.)
Vangjush Vellahu (Albania)
Wingshan Smith (U.K.)
Juergen Kleft (Austria)
Faxen (Austria)

We would like to thank all the artists that have sent their applications, we are sure that there will be many other opportunities to cooperate in the near future

The residency will in Nottingham from 6-10 November 2017. It is an opportunity to interrogate collaboration and interdisciplinarity in relation to your work, with input from artists involved in the Primary programme, as well as with curators and staff at partner organisations.

We look forward to meeting the selected artists! See you all in Nottingham!

Laura Evans