Tell us about yourself and your work:

Davis' paintings cite and improvise on a high modern repertoire of architectural and design forms, adding stitched geometries and broad washes of translucent pigment to conjure a set of complex interior spaces that convey something of the existential doubt that began to infect the modernist project during the post-war period. 

Entry Point, a steel and thread sculpture effortlessly achieves a harmony of materials, form and space that evokes approval of the modernist integration of art and life. -  David Gledhill, a-n Reviews.

Rosalind Davis is an artist-curator and a graduate of The Royal College of Art (2005) and Chelsea College of Art (2003). Davis works across multiple disciplines, connecting and disconnecting physical and psychological boundaries, constructing multiple thresholds, spaces and dimensions in both 2 & 3D. Davis has exhibited nationally and internationally.  Davis has had several solo shows in London; the Bruce Castle Museum (2013), John Jones Project Space, Julian Hartnoll Gallery (2009) The Residence Gallery (2007) and The Stephen Lawrence Centre. Selected group exhibitions have been at the Courtauld Institute, Transition Gallery, the Lion and Lamb Gallery, CoExist, The Roundhouse, Phoenix Brighton, ASC Gallery, APT Gallery, The Modern Language Experiment, Lubomirov Angus Hughes Gallery and she has been selected for The ING Discerning Eye and the Lynn Painters Stainers Prize.  Her work is held in a number of private collections and a public collection. As a curator she has curated over 12 exhibitions including shows at Standpoint Gallery, Geddess Gallery and Collyer Bristow Gallery, working with over 600 artists.

Davis has managed and developed two artist led arts organisations; Zeitgeist Arts Projects (ZAP) 2012-16 and Core Gallery 2009-11, based in London. Through these she co-directed and delivered an innovative and dynamic artistís educational, membership and exhibition programme.  

Davis lectures for universities, galleries and art organisations across the country including the Royal College of Art, the ICA, Camden Arts Centre. University of the Arts and ArtQuest and runs short courses in Social Media Marketing and Arts Management for UAL. 

Davis has led art tours for the ICA ( London and Boston) , South London Art Map and the Whitechapel Gallery and contributed to BBC4's Film Tales of Winter. 

Tell us about any recent, current or upcoming exhibitions or performances that you have:

I have curated a number of exhibitions; a couple this year were Counter_Fitters which I co curated with artists Sasha Bowles and Evy Jokhova at Geddes Gallery, which was an incredible sight specific space working with 17 artists in Kings Cross.   Geddes is situated in a dilapidated Delicatessen and two domestic upper floors. The building is filled with evocative spaces loaded with resonances from former times and an interesting shift from the shop area to domestic dwellings.

COUNTER_FITTERS invited visitors to explore the building in its transitory state through a succession of curated rooms and site specific installation. I made some photographic works in response to the building as well as an installation.

Then there is Complicity & Artifice and Illusion at Collyer Bristow Gallery which is on at the moment which I curated and has been reviewed and featured in Art Top10; 'A cracking show...brilliantly curated and superb artists' 

With works from; 
Hermione Allsopp, Sasha Bowles, Guy Bigland, Mel Brimfield, Alastair Gordon, Andrew Grassie,  Justin Hibbs, Debbie Lawson, Peter Liversidge, Gibson Martelli, Helen Maurer, Damien Meade, Marion Michell, Clare Mitten, John Richert, Joella Wheatley and Virginia Verran. 

You can see more here
This is open now until 7 June, Monday- Friday, 8.30am-6pm
Collyer Bristow Gallery, 4 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4TF

We also have a special event alongside the exhibition- UKYA artists welcome! 
Dazzling Proposals and Daring Propositions.
1 June, 6-8pm

An insightful panel discussion with a group of the exhibiting artists in the show. This talk will focus on the ways in which artists may use site specific proposals or exhibition opportunities to create new bodies of works and push boundaries in their practices.†Numbers are limited for these events so please do let me know if you would like to attend;

Just before Christmas I had a super opportunity to work in the ASC gallery and made new site specific installations there too. 

Are you currently working on any new projects? If so, what are you working on and when can we see it?

I always have several projects on; one of which is a book commissioned by Octopus Books What they didn't teach you at art school which will be internationally distributed at the end of the year so there will be the launch of that. I am also developing educational programmes for artists with some new partners, since we closed Zeitgeist Arts Projects earlier this year which is exciting. 

In terms of my practice I have been gathering a lot of research; photos and drawings and am developing a lot of ideas to do with installation and will be testing this as a residency in Bond House Gallery in our ASC studios complex. I have done over a 100 exhibitions since I graduated from the RCA which is fantastic and sometimes it can be realy good to let the work evolve without the pressures of exhibition deadlines. As I work more and more now site specifically this also requires a particular type of space, which allows me to let the work respond. 

When did you exhibit with UK Young Artists?

At the National Festival in Derby, 2010. 

What was the experience like? 

It was an amazing and memorable one. I thought the project was incredibly ambitious, as so many artists were brought to the festival and we had the opportunity to see everyoneís work as well as watch the performances and music. The diversity of mediums meant it was a very rich experience and we all were given the opportunity to network with each other. It was a lot of fun! Also there were opportunities for us to formally present our work to each other, a networking event and some interesting artists talks. 

Why do you think that it's essential for young artists to have these opportunities?

These opportunities are very important for artists; to have the opportunity to show their works and raise their profile as well as network and learn. UKYA has a very ambitious, generous and considered programme for the selected artists. It's a fantastic experience as well to take part in if selected. 

Why have you chosen to support UK Young Artists by becoming an ambassador?

I am passionate about supporting artists. I have set up and run arts organisation with all the events, workshops and exhibitions centred around what artists want and need.  As an ambassador I want to bring my experience and networks to the artists, to help support them in their careers as well as the UKYAís programme. As a curator this opportunity also means I will be able to see a number of artists works that I could consider for future exhibitions I will do which is very exciting. I also am looking forward to working with the other ambassadors and the UKYA team.  

Connect with Rosalind and find out more about her work:

@rosalinddavis @ZeitgeistAP


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