Ambassador's Prize Winner - UKYA National Festival: Derby 2016

Photo by Matt Cawrey, taken at UKYA Derby Festival 2016.

Photo by Matt Cawrey, taken at UKYA Derby Festival 2016.

UK Young Artists is delighted to announce Jamal Sterrett as the recipient of our first ever Ambassador's Prize. UKYA's Ambassadors, Rosalind, Jean Pierre, Viviana, Matthew, Madeline and Liz attended the festival and fed back to UKYA about their impressions of the work. The talent was so rich and diverse that it was no easy feat to choose the winner of this year's Ambassador's Prize, but all selectors and the UKYA team were blown away by Jamal's work and agreed that he deserved the prize. 

Rosalind Davis said,

We are delighted to award Jamal the Ambassador's prize! Jamal's performances were incredibly impressive- not only in his clear expertise in dance; both fluid, confident and expressive, but also in his ability to convey such emotions through the dance was both moving and inspiring. What was also amazing for me to hear was that Jamal is self taught-and has only been dancing for a couple of years. Jamal is a huge talent and a humble one at that. I cannot wait to see more of his work and his development.

What is Written Dance Company said, 

We were so impressed with Jamal's abilities and versatility to perform in so many settings, it was inspiring! He was always eager to give something special to his audiences but also eager for feedback and development of his craft. He is truly an amazing individual and totally deserving of this award for all of his hard work.

Jamal will receive a £500 cash prize from UK Young Artists to contribute to his ongoing artistic development. UKYA is excited to continue working with Jamal and to see his mesmerizing craft develop as he progresses through his career. 

Upon receiving the award, Jamal said,

Never in four years I expected to be where I am today. I stand with humbleness and appreciation for my blessings and for the gifts that allow me to expand my art form to the hearts and minds of others. This journey I am on will continue for life and along the way the people I teach and meet will share and pass on knowledge to the next generation of creatives in order to make a more diverse and collaborative world to live in. Thank you UKYA team. Bless up, Jamal Sterrett.

Photo by Jamal Sterrett

Photo by Jamal Sterrett

Laura Evans