placement and displacement: Korea 2017
DEADLINE monday 10 july 2017 at 10.30am

  • Where: Seoul, South Korea
  • Time and Dates: 8 - 10 days - October 12th - 21st (exact dates TBC)
  • Partners: Seojung Art Centre, Seoul,  associated activity is being supported by Chung Ang University on the Ansan and Seoul campuses and Superior Gallery, Seoul
  • Number of Artists: 10

UKYA is delighted to announce a new arts partnership in South Korea with Seojung Art Centre and Superior Gallery, Seoul and Chung Ang University.  Building upon an ‘Artist International Development Fund’ R&D trip which was undertaken by UK Young Artists and two UKYA Artist Ambassadors Liz West and Matthew John Atkinson in November 2016.  UKYA believes that artists should expand their horizons through working internationally, it’s good for stimulating ideas and for giving artists a sense of what is really excellent beyond their national boundaries. It is also important for building networks; networking is a good way to build more valuable partnerships that work and are based on sharing practice.  Traversing the physical distance between international partners ensuring strong bonds for the future.

What are we looking for?

We 're looking for approx 10 outstanding artists who work in any art form and are interested in an immersive experience in South Korea profiling their work, undertaking workshops, talks and shared learning with young Korean Artists which supports intercultural dialogue and collaboration. You must be aged between 18 - 30 on the deadline, Mon 10 July and be able to work in the UK.

Overview of Activity

Artists work will be presented at Seoul Museum (TBC) in partnership with  Seojung Art Centre or at other relevant locations depending on the needs and type of work.  All artists will be present for the first week (approx October 12th - 21st)  and will take part in ALL collaborative activity, presentations and workshops and it is expected that any performances will also take place during this time as well. The finale of the week will be the opening of the joint show, the exhibition will continue until November 10th 2017 and work will be returned after this date.



Before you complete this application please download and read UKYA's standard terms and conditions and the info sheet, that includes project timetable, expectations of the artists and costs covered by UKYA.



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