Cans of beer

Jo Willoughby


Jo Willoughby is a mixed media artist predominantly working with found and made objects, painting and drawing. A graduate from Winchester School of Art in BA Fine Art Painting, Jo has a playful and experimental approach to materials often combining 2D and 3D works in small installations and assemblages. Based on the South Coast of England, she has exhibited widely and undertaken several residencies independently and as part of Portsmouth based collective Stair/Slide/Space.

Yellow, the night sky, certain plot lines and obsessive solitude.

 A sound, a particular object, a certain smell, colours, situations, actions; after death we come to be represented by these signs and gestures, symbols of memory and emotion. The initial idea for this sculptural piece came whilst exploring this theme and exists here as an isolated work, but can sometimes exist as part of a larger installation. A light is connected to a sensor and will be briefly lit when a person comes into proximity with the piece. The viewer becomes an integral part of the work, perhaps without even realising it.


National Biennale: Leicester 2014