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Georgia Grace Gibson

Visual art

Georgia Gibson is an visual artist from north east England, currently working between the north east and Manchester, while studying for her BA in Fine Art at manchester school of art. Within her practice, she deals mostly with identity: mostly looking at aspects of class, family, sexuality, gender and growing up in the north. This can take form in pieces which range from classic pottery, to reworked ballet recitals, to digital paintings with Alan Shearer QR codes. Overall Georgia's work attempts to find out more about herself and her "identity", and asks viewers to do the same.

Identity Crisis United FC

'Identity Crisis United FC' seems to centre around football, the layers behind it are rooted within class, North East of England, my family relationships, struggles I faced as a queer teenage girl and growing up with social media giants like Piczo, MySpace and Bebo- finding the balance of who I am between these categories is similar to the balance I found between football /  ballet while growing up. I see my work as a humorous coping mechanism; performing and mapping out my identity crisis so I can begin to understand myself more, and invite an audience to do the same.