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Double Bill - Isobel Adderley / The Middleton Corpus

  • The Space, Nottingham Contemporary Weekday Cross NG1 2GB (map)

Isobel Adderley - C U S P

Three performers remain still, quivering and shuddering attempting to be sculptural and solid. Contorting like tendons, and existing as three separates but also sometimes becoming one. Audience members are invited to place unshelled boiled fresh broad beans in their mouths. This small dance will exist within the your face and jaw for the duration of the performance.

The Middleton Corpus - Cloud

Embodying the ethereal, formless nature of drifting cloud in the bodies of 2 performers, Cloud serves as a metaphor that all people should be free. Travelling along a single line that can journey through any space, regardless of any obstacles; a resilient and defiant creation, that carries only a message of hope and peace.