Cans of beer

Daniel Cave

visual art

Daniel developed his painting sensibility whilst studying at De Montfort University. As a commuting student with plenty of idle time for contemplation and an emerging artistic voice, he felt the urge to document his observations.

Observation, personal rumination and the painting medium have since remained for him essential elements to make art. He has exhibited paintings and drawings in Leicestershire, Nottingham and London, but is yet to present a solo show. He is currently working on a publication of selected drawings.

‘Superstimulus’ ‘Moving Sums’ ‘Some Woman Also Saw This’ ‘Base Vision’

I combine painterly techniques of colour, suggestive forms and surface qualities, with sculptural materials which are for me like crude grips on the physical world.

Each painting comes from observation; specific points of view, enlightenment. These are moments of visual, aural or imaginative enquiry. My task as a painter is to transcribe the lot in visual terms.

These works on display are variously about sensations of a ‘double-take’, retinal effects in near darkness, imaginary traffic lights and people navigating themselves through busy tube stations. Painting excites me because it is archaic, yet perpetually unresolved. Surely it’s vital?


National Biennale: Leicester 2014