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Dan Wiggins

visual art

Dan Wiggins' multidisciplinary practice relies heavily on the handmade and tangible. Having adopted his father’s film camera, he studied photography before digital became standard and found the involvement at each stage of the process made the whole experience more fruitful – making the photograph, as opposed to taking it.

More recently he has been working with small pieces of bone, horn, antler and stone, using techniques learnt under carver Karen Vincent to create minimalistic jewellery. He plans to develop this part of his practice further into larger, more sculptural work. He is heavily involved in the North Staffordshire arts scene.

Paradise Now

Inspired by a performance by The Living Theatre from the mid-1960s, the Paradise Now exhibition prompted participating artists to challenge the rules set by law and society that often go unchallenged, if not entirely un-noticed.

This theme of expressing oneself outside of societal norms brought to mind an artist I lived with in New Zealand - a literal paradise - a bone carver whose life has been something of a rejection of normality.

My work pairs the words of Karen Vincent with photographs I took while I lived with her, addressing themes of non-conformity, balancing art with commerce, solitude and isolation.


National Biennale: Derby 2016