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Corinne Perry

visual art

Corinne Perry’s distinctively dark and evocative self-portraiture reflects her natural melancholic temperament. Life and art have become entwined, greatly influenced by a turbulent struggle with the complexity of personal emotions. To bury this mental state deep within would allow it to thrive, but though the use of photography as therapy; she is offered a cathartic release. Since graduating from Birmingham City University in 2012, she has exhibited at galleries including TATE Liverpool, Croome Court NT and The Beaney Museum. Corinne was also guest speaker at The Bluecoat, Liverpool in ‘Look 15’, Liverpool’s International Photography Festival, and The Photography Show, NEC.


Wallflower builds upon my use of photographic self-portraiture as therapy and was researched and developed during a residency at Birmingham City University’s, School of Photography. The work explores traumatic memories and emotions, portraying a sense of psychological entrapment experienced since childhood. A central theme of the work is the merger of my body in relation to its surroundings; often heavily distressed they reveal something of my pain. Within Wallflower this merger suggests an unsettling disturbance between the physical and psychological boundaries of the interior, alluding to the suggestion that my body is being physically devoured by its surroundings.


National Biennale: Derby 2016