Cans of beer

Colette Griffin

moving image

Colette's practice establishes a spontaneous, dynamic relationship between material and shape. EvoShape software has, in the past, been used to breed and generate uncommon shapes, informing the work and reinforcing the casual quality of the practice, this continues to act as latent influence.

Unwittingly home economics, food, domesticity and cooking have permeated recent work as a result of constant exposure. The work explores process and output as a consequence of the crossover between studio based practice and domestic ritual. Ways of relinquishing full control of the outcomes are sought out through random generation, hasty fabrication or by using unreliable materials.

little turnip

Even when following instructions, the activity of cooking is laden with variables; outcomes fluctuate in appearance, texture and consistency. 'Little Turnip' addresses the impact of home economics on my practice. The video is a literal exploration of the laborious act of pasta making, resulting in comparatively small output, a single raviolo. Process and material are explored in a domestic, yet impersonal setting.


National Biennale: Derby 2016