Cans of beer

Christopher Power

visual art

Our interaction with the world around us has fascinated Chris from a very early age, mainly our relationship to light and colour, from the rays of the sun created between the blinds to the dazzling spectacle of lasers in a night club. Originally inspired to create light and colour art work from seeing light painting photography where people create light forms suspended in time, he recently decided to bring this fascination from an intangible spectacle to light sculptures, installations and prints.

ball and blue

The work I am presenting in the festival will be a print on my light sculpture Ball and blue which I made while questioning the importance of line and form in relation to colour and light. I wanted to explore how these factors react and work together and how an audience reacts to the combination. Some feedback I have had from people who have seen the work have said it is inspiring, uplifting and thought provoking, making them think of motion and and wanting to see more.


National Biennale: Derby 2016