blackpool weekender

Friday February 24th - Sunday 26th February 2017

UK Young Artists and Abingdon Studios Blackpool are offering 12 artists a weekend of creative exploration in Blackpool. This mini residency offers a period of flux and change to artists with little expectation beyond being curious and having time to think and to learn and share with others

Both organisations have held a visioning session and a level of think- tanking around the notion of a residency; allowing artists across all art -forms to come together to reflect and respond to the idea of  “popular culture”.  Our “Blackpool Weekender” is a catalyst for risk and experimentation; critically exploring the boundaries and possibilities of this still pleasure palace of the North. What is it to be isolated yet immersed?, popular but forgotten?. It is a parody of itself, multi-layered and fantastical but perhaps equally flat and macabre. It is a place for self progression, reflection or procrastination dependent on the mind which subjectively enters into its pseudo-culture.

Number of Artists: 12

As well as benefiting from the proposed  opportunity of the Blackpool Weekender we will also offer to artists the following:

  • Studio spaces and larger project space where all conversations and or meeting points can occur.

  • Free Internet access

  • Two nights ( Friday and Saturday night) accommodation with breakfast in Blackpool (please note this may be shared, twin rooms)

  • Lunch &  evening meal provided by partners

  • Return travel on second class train travel up to the value of £60.00 per artist

For more information about the opportunity an application form, please download the application pack. Please email your completed application form to by 28 November, 12 noon.



Abingdon Studios is a pioneering contemporary studio space in the heart of Blackpool and is the best destination  for our inaugural weekender residencies; given its world famous landmarks and rich cultural history which blurs the lines between art, entertainment and popular culture.

Abingdon Studios is a non-prescriptive studio, focusing currently on how artist can be enabled to undertake research and develop new work. Artists often are encouraged (or seek out) this unique site and the historical and contemporary context afforded by a place like Blackpool- the most visited seaside destination in the UK with 11-14 million visitors annually.