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Baba Yaga's Consort


Baba Yaga’s Consort is a quartet of contemporary musicians and artists working collaboratively to create dense musical soundscapes and epic story songs. They are renowned for their atmospheric live sound and innovative vocal harmonies. Having met at Dartington College of Arts, they are graduates of performance writing, theatre, visual arts and music. Baba Yaga’s Consort combines these practices to create multi disciplinary, conceptual performances, blending atmospheric noise, theatrics and folk narratives. Drawing influence from European folklore and ancient fairytales the songs make use of extended vocal techniques to recreate a sense of childlike wonderment and terror. The harmonic content is as often stark as is it lush, as the voices converge to create a haunting plain of beauty and malevolence. Bowed electric bass and effects work to immerse the listener in conjured worlds, whilst minimal yet enticing percussion carefully weaves these worlds together. “like winter trees singing into the wind” “Musical sorcery with delicate harmonies and tribal rhythms.”


National Biennale: Derby 2010