UKYA Skegness Weekender: Terrain Vague



Terrain Vague was our third micro residency, and this edition was run in partnership with the So Festival.

Terrain Vague focused on learning how we can regenerate  a place by exploring its leftovers and its use of public spaces. Artists were called to map, re-imagine and influence Skegness. Moreover the residency examined the way in which we transform our surroundings to reflect and enact the utopia of our dreams.

Through the support of visiting artists, participants investigated the meaning of contemporary ‘utopia’, as an element which can provoke the social imagination by resonating with the themes of hope and desire. This residency critically played with ideas and practices of city planning, regeneration and ‘place-making’ and investigated this specific  type of space and imagery, becoming a tool of visual interpretation .

Terrain Vague was programmed and curated by visual artist and curator, Chiara Dellerba. Over the weekend, workshops were led by Joanne Lee, Leo Kay and Chiara.

See pictures from the weekender below.